After Leon Edwards’ KO, Kamaru Usman reacts to becoming a meme.

Despite becoming more well-known than ever as a meme following his knockout loss to Leon Edwards on Saturday night, Kamaru Usman claims he is “not down at all.”

The former world welterweight champion was regarded as the best fighter worldwide, and after successfully defending his belt several times since gaining it in 2019, he was even considering moving up to middleweight or light-heavyweight. He would have beaten three of the top 10 competitors at 170 pounds if he had defeated Edwards.

Although he claims to understand how it feels after inflicting similar suffering on others like Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns, the former champion is taking everything in stride. He acknowledged that the memes have made him more well-known than ever, and he also acknowledged that the encouragement he has gotten since losing has made him feel humbled.

“I’m so gracious to be in that place and time right now where people just care that much,” Usman told TMZ Sports. “Like, I thought I was famous before, but f***, with the meme action going on, I’m famous now. But it’s just an added bonus, an added hunger to the return.”

“I’ve watched that fight now, what, three four times?,” he continued. “No, it’s not hard at all. You know how many people I’ve done that to? That’s the thing, that’s the beautiful thing about this sport. “That happens and we forget what was actually taking place in that fight. So, I’m not down at all! You know, it’s almost like everyone is more sad about it than I am… For me that’s a good thing because it let’s me know that people care.”

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