Anderson Silva could finally face Roy Jones Jr.

Former top pound-for-pound fighter Roy Jones Jr. could be Anderson Silva’s next opponent instead of Jake Paul.

Although Jake Paul is planning his comeback for August this year, he knows the risks of facing a seasoned striker like Anderson Silva, which would not allow him to continue to inflate his record against inexperienced or undersized fighters. Therefore, it is unlikely that the YouTuber will want to face the Brazilian.

During Anderson Silva’s prime as UFC champion, there was significant talk and desire to make possible a boxing clash between “Spider” and Jones Jr, which would have been the first major crossover between the two worlds.

It wasn’t until 2017 that Dana White, president of the UFC, made the determination to make such a fight, when Conor McGregor faced Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas.

Dana White has been widely criticized for “frustrating” Anderson Silva’s dream of fighting with a legendary boxing figure, when he was in his prime. Due to contractual issues, the UFC president did not allow “Spider” to step into the ring.

Through his social networks, Roy Jones Jr. expressed his desire to face Anderson Silva, and sent him congratulations after his victory over Bruno Machado in an exhibition bout.

“I see you Anderson,” Jones wrote in an Instagram post. “I’m impressed so I ain’t going to sleep on you. Just in case. Lol. Stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. Lol. But good work though. Congratulations.”

The Silva-Jones Jr. matchup, which was nearly reality 10 years ago, would be a feast for those familiar with their flashy counter-punching style. Although Silva (47) and (53) are at an advanced stage, they could finally put on a good show.

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