Bec Rawlings is pleased to be a pioneer for BKFC and fighters in OnlyFans: “I’m not afraid to take risks”

Bec Rawlings was one of the first well-known athletes to try bare-knuckle fighting in 2018, when most states were still considering legalizing the sport and it had yet to acquire any form of widespread support.

The 33-year-old Australian has watched the bare-knuckle promotion thrive with events taking place all across the United States and beyond as she prepares to make her return at BKFC 26. Four years later.

 “It’s definitely cool to see the promotion grow,” Rawlings told MMA Fighting. “It’s definitely cool to see. I know there’s been some slight comments from Britain [Hart] saying I left and I’ve come back after they’ve done all the hard work, and it’s been getting under my skin. It’s like b****, I’m the reason you’re signed. I’m the reason the girls have the biggest division right now.

On the other hand, Rawlings had to deal with the financial reality of a fight career that no longer generated any cash during the two years she was unable to compete. She made an OnlyFans page during that period. Similar to her entry into bare-knuckle fighting, Rawlings was among the first competitors to launch an OnlyFans profile. Since then, she has had dozens of competitors from organizations like the UFC, Bellator, and BKFC follow her there.

 “I’m not afraid to take risks,” she said. “Without my OnlyFans right now without being able to fight for two years, I would be homeless. It was worth the risk. It was worth the gamble. I’m never going to sit back and not do things out of fear of what people might think of me. Cause I’ve figured out people are going to hate regardless. They’re going to find a reason to hate if they’re going to hate. I don’t care anymore. I’m going to do me and hope that it pays off.”

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