Conor McGregor’s return to the MMA gym last week created “major buzz”

Last week, the former UFC two-weight champion was seen training with colleagues Richie Smullen and Darragh Kelly, which was a significant step in his preparations for a comeback. The presence of McGregor in the gym, according to Ciaran Clarke, who had been training between the SBG’s Dublin headquarters and his own facility in Drogheda, has reminded boxers there of what is possible in the sport.

After getting back on the mats for his first workout in more than a year since fracturing his leg against Dustin Poirier last summer, McGregor arrived looking sharp in one of his handmade outfits. Although Clarke came dangerously close to colliding with the former champion, he claims that his presence is never far from the gym.

Clark told Mirror Fighting “Look, all of us are preparing for the same fight, there’s a bit of a buzz, a momentum and everybody’s on the same path. Then you see the likes of Conor, or James [Gallagher], the superstars, in the gym it’s something we all look to achieve one day. “It’s proof of where the hard work can get you. Obviously I’m not saying I can get to that level, of course, but it’s just a nice reminder that the hard work we’re doing in SBG is working.”

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