Conor Mcgregor’s “Titanium Leg,” Will Make Him Better Than Before According to His Fans

The Irishman kept supporters up to date by sharing a video of his return to kicking practice, which he demonstrated by kicking a heavy bag with his leg. “Built different #Titanium #Unbreakable,” one admirer said, adding to the excitement awaiting his comeback.

“Titanium shin bone flinging McGregor!” wrote a user. “The titanium shin bone is just what he needed,” one fan added. Fans have speculated that he will return to his full glory, with one exclaiming, “Yes! The leg is looking strong. This is Conor at his best, with the dynamic kicks.” On the other hand, there were some comments on a more pessimistic tone “You’re literally going to get destroyed by everyone else in the division, your career is done, and everyone in the division is on a different level than you at this time,” a more negative admirer said.

McGregor previously stated that when he makes his next bow, he will use the metal bar as a weapon against his opponents, stating on Twitter: ” I cannot wait to wrap this steel bar in my leg across the neck of a future opponent! I am counting down the seconds until I get to launch this weapon.”

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