Fans made fun of Mayweather after latest fight announcement

Floyd Mayweather, the 50-0 boxing legend, has been criticized by fans for his newest fight announcement, in which he revealed that he will fight MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura.

While Asakura is a well-known MMA fighter in Japan, he has never competed in boxing at seriousl level, whereas Mayweather is perhaps the greatest to ever compete in the sport. He has a 16-3 record, with eight knockouts, but the majority of those victories have come thanks to his powerful kicks, which will not be allowed in the exhibition.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to ask how Mayweather is still making so much money from these shows, with one commenting, “What’s the point of this? Money I guess?”. “Does anyone still care at this point?” wondered another.

Despite the fact that Mayweather appears to be in good financial shape after amassing hundreds of millions of dollars over his impressive career, some fans believe he is “broke.” Others, however, questioned this idea, claiming that he is most likely getting a lot of money from these shows and simply cannot reject them.

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