For a share of the multi-million-dollar fight purse, a Logan Paul fan pays £40,000.

For the past two weeks, Paul has been auctioning off polaroids from his NFT ’99 Originals’ collection to followers online, offering remarkable rewards with certain purchases. And his new picture, which sold for 40.25ETH (about $43,5000), comes with a little portion of his next fight purse, which is likely to be significantly more than the £4million this investor would need to make a profit.

“Big perks today,” Paul teased his Instagram followers ahead of the auction. “The buyer of today’s original will get one per cent of my next fight and so will the Originals DAO. I’m continuing to try to pump as much value as I can into this entity. The market’s s*** right now but we are not, we are thriving, the community’s growing, it’s all good.”

Paul hasn’t announced his next match, but as part of his NFT project, he has already auctioned a spot on his ring walk. One fan paid an astounding £50,000 for the opportunity, which came with a shot of Paul’s fractured hand from last summer.

The winners of these auctions are anonymous, but they receive both the physical polaroid photographs and the digital NFT.

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