In an effort to get better compensation, Israel Adesanya compared UFC competitors to strippers.

After comparing other fighters on the roster to strippers, UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya thinks that competitors must band together to receive higher pay.

This weekend, in the second fight of his new, extremely lucrative deal, the renowned middleweight will defend his world title against Jared Cannoner for the fifth time. However, his friend and current heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou was paid only $600,000 to defend his title just weeks before he signed his contract in February.

About the situation, Adesanya said the following

 “It takes time,”. “You have to look at it this way, fighters are like strippers, we are independent contractors so everyone is out for themselves but there comes a point where we need to come together as fighters in the UFC and make an agreement.

“What can we do to help the baseline for the younger guys or the guys who just got into the UFC? Honestly, this is a prestigious position to be a UFC fighter. I don’t live in America if it’s the same with the NBA and the NFL but the draft is a big deal right? I feel like that’s how the UFC is. You make it to the UFC, it’s a f***ing big deal, so we need to get paid like it’s a f***ing big deal.”

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