Israel Adesanya is offering $3 million to anyone who can prove he uses steroids

Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya spoke out about the steroid use allegations he faced due to his swollen pec after UFC 253. At the UFC 276 pre-fight press conference, Adesanya issued a curious challenge to anyone who questions his commitment to fighting clean as allegations that he uses steroids are still being heard.

He said “Look, I will give $3 million to anyone who could ever have concrete evidence that I even know what the f*** I am doing with steroids or how to take steroids. I promise you, $3 million if you find anyone who has concrete evidence that I’ve ever even purchased, touched or done any kind of performance-enhancing drugs.”

“This is easy. It’s easy to talk and type online, but really, it got to me a little bit after the Costa fight, because I was like, ‘these f****** c**** are just trying to take away my greatness,’ because I had a f****** spectacular performance, and I’m like, how the f*** are you going to try to take that away with accusations based on nothing? So I’m like, yeah, pull up. $3 million. I know you don’t have that in the bank. I do.”

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