Martyn Ford wants to face Thor Bjornsson in a boxing match

Martyn Ford wants to face Thor Bjornsson, better known as “The Mountain” in the Game of Thrones series, after his fight with the “Iranian Hulk” was cancelled.

Bjornsson recently defeated Eddie Hall in boxing and Ford intends to face the Icelander in the ring.

“For me in Dubai I saw the Eddie vs Thor fight and I thought Thor did well,” Ford told Mirror Fighting. “It was touted out there, 100 per cent I want to fight Thor. If we are going to put it out there, name me one other person I want to fight who is the same size and would go head-to-head”.

“I think that is the fight people want to see as it offers the whole package. They have to have the celebrity, bring the numbers to the table and it also has to be a similar level, size and background. Me and Thor would be perfect. It makes sense on so many levels. Me and Eddie being such good friends and him beating Eddie, there is genuinely a reason for it. I hold no animosity towards Thor”.

Taking into account the elements of a possible clash between Ford and Bjornsson, the conditions would be ideal to make a good business, with a fight between two celebrities who also have impressive physiques. Martyn Ford at 6’8’’ tall and weighing in at 320lbs, against Thor at 6’9’’ and 323lbs.

The truth is that Martyn Ford has the desire to compete not only in boxing, but also in MMA, as he is in talks with the Polish promotion KSW, where the name of strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski stands out to face him.

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