MMA fighter knocks out a tooth during a weigh-in to scare his opponent

MMA fighter Jeremy Williams ripped out a tooth as an intimidation tactic prior to his third professional fight against Bryan Arocho.

Before the fight, which took place on July 16, the two engaged in an intense weigh-in that soon went viral. There, Williams decided to pull a tooth to scare Arocho, then dropped it on the ground and stomped on it. He then turned to the small crowd inside the venue for the weigh-in and screamed before turning back to his opponent.

Williams actually got the victory by knockout. After winning, he shared pictures of the fight on his social media commenting, “For all of you wondering if ‘toothless’ won…here’s your answer. This is just the beginning, my rise is inevitable.”

His antics will go down in history as some of the most bizarre in MMA history. Fans were quick to react to the incident, with one commenting, “The tooth replacement is going to cost more than the purse he’s fighting for.” Another concurred, “He knows he has to pay for it himself, right?”.

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