Nate Diaz thinks Conor McGregor would have defeated Khabib Nurmagomedov with his help

Since the two have had major recent losses, McGregor and Diaz have been strongly linked to facing off in a trilogy fight for many years. According to Diaz, McGregor would not have lost to Nurmagomedov if he had learned how to avoid being choked out. “McGregor was too amateur to be fighting Floyd Mayweather,” Diaz expressed when talking to MMA Hour about a trilogy with his rival.

“Floyd Mayweather went and showed the blueprint to beat him, let him punch himself out and in the 10th round he beat his a**. I did that right before him. Then he went and got choked out by Khabib. If he would’ve finished the trilogy with me, he would’ve learned how to not get choked. If he would have finished the trilogy with me, he would have learned how to not punch himself out.”

“He could have got better but he didn’t. He jumped the line and skipped the queue and they helped him by fighting Mayweather.”

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