Paddy Pimblett explains why he responds to constant abuse on social media

Pimblett, who will face Jordan Leavitt at UFC London on Saturday, frequently expresses his opinions on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter and is often the target of trolls. After his most recent victory, “The Baddy” notably called out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, calling him the biggest “bully” in the world.

Pimblett clarified why he responds to his criticism after many fans suggested he should use the time he spends arguing with followers on something more significant. “I can’t help it, it’s just one of those things. People say ‘oh you shouldn’t give them your time’ but I’ll use Twitter to pass time. You think I just sit there in my room thinking about Jordan Leavitt? I don’t need to, I’m going to punch his head in anyway,” he commented.

“It’s crazy the amount of abuse I get on Twitter, it used to be Instagram but that’s boiled down a bit. I love putting trolls in their places.”

Pimblett also highlighted Mike Tyson’s remarks on how social media has made people “too comfortable” with disrespecting others : “Like Mike Tyson said, people think with social media that you don’t get punched anymore. What you say on the internet you can get punched in the face for, simple as.”

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