Public warned not to approach wanted MMA fighter Darren Towler

Veteran British MMA fighter Darren Towler, 40, is currently on the run from police. The UK’s Durham Police force has launched a manhunt for Towler after he was found guilty on multiple charges of supplying drugs (per SportsBible).

Towler did not appear for his trial at Teeside Court on March 22 and has not been seen since. Police are urging the public not to approach Towler, whom they warn is a skilled martial artist.

This isn’t the only time Towler has been accused of being involved in the illegal drugs trade. In 2016 he was sentenced to over three years in prison for possession of 12 grams of cocaine and 2,000 ecstasy pills.

Also in 2016 Towler was charged with offences related to the trafficking of heroin. However, he was found not guilty in that case.

In MMA Towler—nicknamed ‘Powerhouse—holds a 10-8 record. He is a veteran of the UK-based BAMMA and UCMMA promotions. His most recent fight was in 2017, a first round TKO win at BAMMA 33.

He began his pro career in 2008. The most notable name on Towler’s record is UFC and Bellator veteran Phil De Fries. Towler lost to De Fries in 2009 and 2010 in the SAS promotion, both times by submission.

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