Tyson Fury surprises people by entering a bar topless and ordering lager

Since June 23, Fury has been performing his “Official After Party Tour,” visiting places including Wolverhampton, Liverpool, and Sheffield. At The Queen’s pub in Aintree, “The Gypsy King” took a break to fetch a half-pint of beer, but when he returned from the bathroom without a t-shirt, customers were “stunned.”

People first didn’t recognize the heavyweight champion, according to a bartender at the establishment. Fury, who had only been in the pub for five minutes, returned from the toilet with his t-shirt off and it was then when fans recognized him and started to ask for pictures.

“Nobody noticed him at first as he just walked through the bar we were not that busy then I popped my head up and saw Tyson Fury,” she said to the Liverpool Echo. “I said to one of my colleges ‘is that Tyson Fury’ and his manager said, ‘Yeah it’s him’.

“He then came out of the bathroom and started taking photographs with everyone he was only in there for five minutes. He had a suit on originally but I think he took his top off because everyone had already noticed him.”

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